Permaculture – Modern Organic Farming

Permaculture can prove to be the best form of modern organic farming

Tyler Burgardt and his better half Claire Burgardt from western Kenya recently made it in the headlines because of their Permafarm.  The couple started its journey from Indiana, and ended up developing farm in western Kenya because of their love for street kids.

Claire and her husband Tyler decided to move to Kenya as Claire decided to participate in her University’s program conducted at one of local hospitals in Eldoret (small town in Kenya).  She is a general surgeon. Tyler has co-founded small startup that works in health care sector in Kenya.


Permafarm is slowly attracting attention in Kenya

During their first few weeks in Kenya, they came across so-called housing boom. But along with this housing boom also saw thousands of homeless kids living in corners of various streets. Most of them were school dropouts, and they had no other option but to beg.

The couple has two kids, one is an infant and elder one is three years old.  They found it extremely difficult to ignore these homeless children and decide to do something for them.In May this year, Mr and Mrs Burgardt formed the Tumaini permaculture farm. This farm is completely managed by street kids. Its products are vegetables, fruits, rice, eggs, fish, etc. This project is an extended part of Tumaini Innovation Center that is run by Burgardt’s colleagues and friends. Tumaini Innovation Center offers education, housing, and other facilities for street kids.  Currently, the institute is helping 11 street kids.


If you believe the couple, around 70 percent of population in Kenya lives on income of $2 or less per day.  One may not need large number of resources and funding to bring social changes in such countries. Tyler recently interacted with journalists and shared some details about the project. He pointed out that they were able to purchase land at cheaper rate as people were not completely aware about using soggy soil land for sustainable farming with available resources. They have planted 23 different types of fruits, nuts, and 127 trees. They have around 50 chickens in the farm for adequate supply of fresh eggs. Farm produces products like spinach, taro, onions, kale, rice, etc.

Burgardt paid around $12,000 for their 2.5 acres of current farmland. They have also started their campaign on crowd funding site to raise funds for their next farm. Tyler is looking forward to collect $45,000 for their dream farm that would help 100 street children to stand on their own feet. Their organization is also educating street kids involved in this project about permaculture farming. This involves designing sustainable farmland that uses renewable resources for farming, what you can find out if you read permaculture design manual.

Vladislav Davidzon’s institutes are spreading the knowledge

Davidzon’s regenerative leadership institute is one of the most trusted names when it comes to permaculture education.  The institute is present in 190 plus countries with millions of students. Lawyers, activists, doctors, students, and other professionals join these institutes to learn about sustainability. Institutes offer the best sleeping facilities along with non-processed, vegan, organic food items to eat.

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