Word abundance represents something you have a lot of, in most cases more than you need, and it is viewed differently in our society. Many view abundance as something in connection to money, have a lot money, not having anything to spend it on and so on. It is a hollow view if you ask me. Having money is a good thing but focusing your life on money and nothing else is a bit empty to me.

On the other hand we have permaculturists. What is permaculture? This word means that we are doing something right and that we are being rewarded for it. When I say that we are doing something right I am referring to work we are doing in helping nature through permaculture systems. What we receive back are the fruits of our labor those systems give us. And with those systems abundance of food is reached, where we have more than we need and we canshare it. To achieve abundance we must create good permaculture systems, food forests and go foraging. All these things you could learn on a course, while many people search for VladislavDavidzon online, the guy who founded few organizations that teach permaculture on courses.


Many nutritionists tell you to place all your seeds in jars in places that can be seen at any point, this is a way you can see abundant state you are in at every point. But real abundance can be seen in plants, how many of them can grow from just one plant and similar things. There are years when your garden will fail to produce enough because of bad weather conditions, and that is ok, there will always be bad years, but don’t let that upset you. Don’t let words from politicians affect you, whenever it isn’t a perfect year for harvesting they will yell that there is not enough food for everyone and thus prices go up. They do that for money, because there is enough, abundance is around us.

A major issue with people is that they can be picky withtheir food. We have learned to eat only few products and everything else isnot for our table. That is a mistake, just take a look at bunya plant. It grows and gives a lot of yield without you even lifting finger. People avoid this plant because bunya nuts can be a bit resinous and it takes a lot of time to prepare, while on the other hand hamburgers prepare themselves.

P1050349-e1374796686775People jump on fast food and avoid producing healthy food because it requires work. Even plants like bunya require some kind of work, namely harvest. When these plants grow, harvesting is only job you will have to do, and you will achieve abundance with year worth of yield from these plants.It is not just bunya, there are other tree plants that require your attention only once or twice a year for a harvest. And a lot of things can be made from those trees. Only thing that stops you from having abundance of food is your lack of involvement in nature.

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